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How Do I Get Rid Of Cockroaches

How Do I Get Rid Of Cockroaches

How Do I Get Rid Of Cockroaches

How Do I Get Rid Of Cockroaches , There is no doubt that the very sight of these dirty, repulsive multi-legged cockroaches makes our toes curl. Many people women in particular are scared quite a bit with these insects and it is quite common to see them screaming when they come across these roaches. Quite a few of them also take wings and fly and this makes things even worse. Given the above situation, it is not surprising when many of us ask the question as to how do I get rid or cockroaches. There could be many answers and therefore finding the right one could often be a tough and difficult situation.

However, we will try and have a look at the various ways and means by which it is possible to keep these dirty pest away from homes, offices, workplaces factories, hospital and other commercial areas. It would be pertinent to mention here that roaches typically have six legs and they have 18 knee joints. There around 5,000 different species of cockroaches but the most common ones are the American and German variants. 

How Do They Get Inside Your Home

Cockroaches generally infest a home from the outside. They use gaps under the doors, crevices and cracks and other such ways to find their way inside your home. They are attracted by decaying food, humidity, darkness and warm surrounding. They also like to be around in places where the water stagnates. They also love to move around scavenging for food in unwashed dishes, garbage piles and other such places. They are highly flexibility and full grown cockroaches can move around in openings which could be the size of a quarter. They hate light and therefore keeping your home lighted always could be a way to answer the question how do I get rid of cockroaches. We will now try and look at a few ways and means by which it is possible to get rid of these pests permanently, efficiently and speedily. 


Pets Can Help To A Certain Extent

Though it might look at bit bizarre and weird, cats and dogs are known to love cockroaches. Hence it might not be a bad idea to use them to control these nasty pests, especially if you are looking for natural ways of controlling roaches if not fully exterminating them. However, this cannot be a permanent solution and you must look at other ways and means by which they can be considered m ore realistic and long lasting. 


Importance Of Hygiene


There is no doubt that importance of hygiene is something which has a big role to play as far as answering the question how do I get rid of cockroaches is concerned. You must ensure that you do not store vegetable out of in the open. Unused vegetables will certainly rot and decay and they become good food for cockroaches. Further the kitchen sinks should be always kept clean and dry. Unwashed plates or utensils are the perfect spoil for cockroaches and you can be sure that your entire kitchen could be full of these stinking and nasty pests. 


Your bathroom and toilets must be scrupulously clean and it should be dry as much as possible. This is because water and moisture attracts cockroaches and you must not give them the chance to do so. 

How Do I Get Rid Of Cockroaches

Handover Your Home To Professional Pest Controllers


Regular pest control regimens must be followed. You could do this yourself but a better way forward would be to take the help of professional pest controllers. They will be able to do a thorough and proper job of it. They use various methods to get rid of roaches. They could include poisoned baits, toxic chemicals and sprays and residual spray. These residual sprays are considered effective because and they are known to work for a period of 2 to 3 weeks. You could also put up roach motels and the same can be placed in kitchen cupboards and bathroom shelves. Hence there are a number of ways and means by which you can professionally fight these pests and get the right answer to the question how do I get rid of cockroaches. 


Some Home Made Methods To Kill Cockroaches


Apart from the above there are some homemade preparations which also could be useful when it comes to getting rid of pets. Drilling and injecting powdered boric acid inside and between walls has also been found to be effective. You could also make baits out of these boric acids and place them in the areas infested by cockroaches. 


Changing The Soil


If you are building a home it would be better to check the soil thoroughly. Some types of soils could be conducive for the proliferation of various pests like cockroaches and termites. Here again you will have to take the help and assistance of professionals because they do the testing and then recommend the type of soil which one should go in for. In many cases they also treat the soil with special chemical and formulations which help to keep the cockroaches away from the vicinity of your entire home including the garden and backyards. This certainly will be an expensive method but it could be a permanent solution and the right answer to the question how do I get rid of cockroaches. 


How Do I Get Rid Of Cockroaches

At the end of the day, while there is no doubt that harsh chemicals and formulations must be used to get rid of cockroaches, you must be aware of the risks associated with it. They could be extremely poisonous and toxic and therefore the required care and caution must be taken. You must ensure that pets, children, elders and other are well protected and away from the risks and dangers posed by these chemicals. Further, you also must be sure that you take the required help and assistance from qualified entities in case of an emergency. Therefore a number of things must be put in place before getting the right answer to the question how do is get rid of cockroaches. The entire process must be thought through properly and you must put things in the right place and perspective before actually moving ahead.

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