American Cockroach

Cockroaches are a major pest in buildings. Unlike other pests, a cockroach problem of is easier to detect. Rarely will you see them in broad daylight. They hide in cracks and crevices. At night they come out to look for food. They feed on just about anything – from plastic to fabrics matter. This post will explore the American cockroach.
Identifying An American Cockroach The American cockroach is famously known as a Waterbug. The adult has fully developed wings that entirely covers the abdomen.

The insect is up to one and a half inches long and is generally a red-brown in color. It has a shield-like section behind the head. Its egg capsule is a purse-shaped, brownish object with about eight eggs on each side.Another tale-tale sign of the American cockroach is the presence of yellow horizontal lines on the nymph cockroach.American Cockroach

Habits of the American Cockroach

  •  The American female cockroach lays 14 – 16 eggs in 9 – 10 capsules.
  • The roaches mate for up to 13 times in a year.
  • They prefer warm, dark and wet places like boiler rooms.
  • Often, they will ferment foods.
  • They are robust enough to wander from one building to another easily.
  • Typically, you will find them in sewer and commercial areas.
  • In summer, they like the outdoor.
  • The lifespan of the American female cockroach is 440 days; for the males, it’s about 20 days.
  • The development time for the egg is around 600 days

Facts about the American Cockroach

The American cockroach comes from kingdom Animalia and class Insecta. When together in large numbers, the insects are referred to as an intrusion.’  While some pests are known to invade human habitats, others don’t they have their own neighborhoods.  It turns out that some cockroach species help the environment by recycling decaying organic matter.  Crucial to note is the fact that some cockroaches are carriers of a variety of diseases since they live close to waste products and in the kitchen where food is plenty.


American Cockroach

Restaurants are also prone to cockroach infections.  The pests are characterized by unpleasant odor and some chirping noises. It is believed that cockroaches get lonely and even become ill when left alone for too long. Did you know that coach aches are edible? Yes, in China, Thailand, and most Asian countries, they are served fried.  Studies have shown found that coach aches have a distinct personality.
Where to Spot them in the House Although all coach roaches seek food, water, and shelter, they vary in preferences.

  • Bathroom Check the back of the medicine or soap cabinets. On the plumbing area, check the behind sinks, toilets or any wet dark section. Cockroaches are happy to eat soap residue, toilet, and even tissues. You’ll find some of their skin cells shed in this areas.
  • KitchenIn the kitchen area, they hide behind cupboards and cabinets. Don’t forget to check the inside corner of cupboards; sometimes they will hide there, hanging upside down. Cockroaches find extra warmth from backs of fridges, cookers, freezers and most kitchen appliances.
  • Basements The American cockroach is prone to hide along the base or corner of walls, anywhere it can squeeze through. Another opportune area it hides is the wood base woods or even floor cavities.

American Cockroach

Control and Prevention of the American Cockroach

Cockroaches are among the most difficult pests to bet rid of. You to need to be patient, persistence while following the right advice. If not prevented, the American cockroach can quickly become a disaster. To control the pest, do the following:

  •  Block out possible entry points to cockroaches in your home. This could be crevices, vents, drain pipes, cracks and drain pipes. Careful not to bring them in on products like boxes, grocery bags or purses.
  • Keep extra food, and water from the site. Places with food items make it an ideal environment for the pest to inhabit.
  • Find and destroy cockroach eggs hidden behind the scenes. They reproduce quickly, and your best bet is to make sure no nymphs are hatched.
  • Use Cardboard and sticky traps to investigate sources of cockroach infestation.
  • Perform visual inspections at night using, preferably using a flashlight.
  • Minimize clutter to prevent giant cockroaches from hiding in stacked boxes, cardboard materials, and cartons.
  • Vacuum cleaning is a good way to get rid of exposed roaches physically.
  • Eliminate moisture sources by preventing and repairing leaks. Also, maintain a good draining system in your house, office or car.
  • Protect basement floors drains screens and basket inserts and clean them regularly.
  • Use phantom to spray under, and at the rear sections of the sink. Sinks are a prime habitat for cockroaches.


Steps to Kill the Pest

Step 1: Preparation

  • Remove everything from the bathroom, kitchen and other infected sections of your house or car.
  • Get rid of any clutter, debris, and trash.

Step 2: Find the hot spots

  • These are high moisture areas that include drawers, microwaves, cabinets, refrigerators and coffee makers.

Step 3: Apply a barrier between the primary and secondary treatment areas

  • The kitchen and bathroom are the primary areas of roaches’ infection. The secondary areas include the bedrooms and living areas. A wise step would be to treat the secondary areas first to prevent the bugs from spreading to this areas.

Step 4: Treat the primary areas

  •  Make an effort to wear a respirator during the treatments.
  • Use a pest control dust for long term protection. The dust is applied to all cracks and crevices that the insect may be hiding.
  • An Aerosol cockroach spray will kill them the fastest. Use it to flush the roaches out of their hiding places.

Step 5: Repeat as necessary

  • Wait for about 24 hours to assess the infestation progress. Repeat as necessary.

ConclusionTo control and prevent roaches, keep your house/car clean, block possible entry points, store food properly, perform vacuum cleaning, eliminate moisture and do visual inspections at night to establish where they live and hatch their eggs fromIf all your efforts to fight roaches fail, consider employing professionals to do it for you. They have the experience, the tools and the time to successfully handle the situation. Doing this may save you money, time, cleaning effort, itching, and scratching, illness and piece of mind to concentrate on other things.

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American Cockroach
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