can people get fleas

can people get fleas

A common question that many people frequently ask is can people get fleas? The answer is, in brief, yes, but let’s discuss this in detail.  In terms of entomology, fleas are tiny jumping insects, and the source of their nutrition is the blood of humans or animals. Inherently, they suck the blood of warm-blooded mammals. According to scientists’ observations, animals are more subject to the harm of fleas; however, flea bites may endanger humans.

The reason for this is the noticeable difference between the physical feature of humans and animals as fleas are more attracted to slightly wet, dark, and warm environments, like the bodies of furry pets, such as dogs, cats, rats, and birds. Unless there are pets, fleas will regard humans as priceless targets. The nature of fleas is being opportunists whose only main concern is satisfying their hunger. When it comes to female fleas, laying eggs is impossible if blood supplies are not sufficient, which threatens the whole reproductive cycle.

 can people get fleas

Can People Get Fleas

As mentioned earlier, fleas would prefer biting animals other than humans. Therefore, deliberately, flea infestations attack animals which act as a carrier through which fleas can make an interim move onto humans’ skin. That move most probably takes place when the owners apply natural solutions or flea powders to their animal’s fur and skin. When this transition happens, the fleas feel disturbed, so they attack humans in order to get a satisfactory blood supply. As a result, it is highly recommended that those people curing their pets of fleas keep on taking hot showers which are absolutely effective if they generally adhere to the basic pillars of their personal hygiene.

Areas Fleas Target

Naturally, the comfort zones of the human body where fleas can feel warm are areas with bushy hair, such as armpits, and therefore, these are the badly affected areas. Human’s head hair is as comfortable as pet’s fur, but luckily, it is not that easy for fleas to find their way onto one’s head. Doctors urge the owners of pets suffering from fleas to keep their pets away from their personal beds which might be a transmission station of fleas from the fur of animals to the hair of humans and their skin.

Generally speaking, fleas do not enjoy living on humans’ skin, so their stay is definitely temporary. So for those asking “can fleas live on humans? the answer is “surely, yes” but “temporarily” as animals’ blood is their most preferable meal ever.


 Are Fleas Interested in Children’s blood?

Children are likely to be bitten by fleas more repeatedly than adults. In fact, kids are more interested in engaging with pets whose fur might be inhabited by fleas, so conclusively, kids are more vulnerable to get fleas. Accordingly, parents should pay attention to any red spots on their kids’ skin as this might be an indicator of a flea presence. However, parents should not panic as flea bites are not that dangerous unless their children’s skin is severely affected by such flea attacks.


Children are innately curious to know more about the surrounding objects, and this is by using the sense of taste. Deliberately, they investigate everything by putting it in their mouth, and this might accidently lead to swallowing something filthy which may contain fleas carrying tapeworm parasites. In this case, children will be in bad need of serious medications that should be prescribed by a doctor.


Are the Bites of Fleas Seriously Dangerous?

Some people assume that AIDS is carried by fleas. On the contrary, researchers have concluded that fleas rarely carry serious diseases or viruses. However, undeniably, critical bacteria called “Yersinia pestis” are transferred by the fleas that live on afflicted rats and mice. People do not need to consult a doctor in the case of flea bites, but if they have adverse reactions, they need eventually to seek medical attention. For example, flea allergy dermatitis or flea bite hypersensitivity is a more complicated form of allergic reactions, which poses an extreme danger to the overall health of human.

As it has been mentioned above, tapeworm transferred to the human’s body by swallowing fleas requires a swiftly effective treatment which is a deworming tablet. The best flea treatment for serious allergic cases, such as swelling and tingling skin, is a cortisone medication that works on eliminating the allergic reactions that result from a flea bite.can people get fleas

A Flea Problem Is Still Chasing You… Here Are Some Tips for Achieving Flea Control 

  • Using Hot Water

Hot water is highly effective in sterilizing objects and making them free from bacteria. Therefore, when your pets get fleas, you are supposed to wash all the possessions they touch using hot water.

  • Using an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) Chemical

The biggest problem a home family might encounter is an immense flea outbreak. By nature, the reproduction of fleas happens exponentially. Luckily, scientists have come up with a flea control product in which an IGR chemical constitutes a basic element. The IGR chemical collaterally devastates the mature fleas and hinders flea eggs from hatching into larvae. Dangerously, this chemical might have a severely negative impact on the respiratory system of the home residents; therefore, it is necessary to evacuate the home that day of using flea control products that should be left for 24 hours prior to cleaning it up.



  • Curing Infected Pets

You are not supposed to let pets suffering from flea infestations enter your home unless they are totally cured. Pets’ owners should bear in mind that all pet flea medications should never be applied to humans’ skin as they usually worsen the human flea cases.

  • Contacting your Local exterminator

If the flea flare-up reaches a peak, contacting a specialized exterminator, who is surely equipped with advanced tools to eradicate fleas, becomes a must.


  In summary, fleas prefer the blood of furry animals to the blood of humans. However, if animals are absent, humans will be definitely the flea victims. Therefore, if few fleas are noticed, some precautions should be taken to avoid their fast-paced outbreak that might wreck either humans or animals.


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can people get fleas
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