Cockroach Eggs

Cockroach Eggs

Cockroaches happen to be the most annoying and disgusting pests that any homeowner has to deal with. And if you feel that killing the ones that run along your kitchen will save the day, then you could not be any more wrong! In fact, the one and only permanent solution for getting rid of these pests is by killing cockroach eggs. 

What Are Cockroach Eggs Like? 

Of course, you cannot expect them to look anything like what hens lay, but cockroaches prepare cases for their eggs that are known as ootheca. You will find several cockroach eggs hatching from a single ootheca casing. This can pose a serious issue as one female cockroach can lay between six and ninety ootheca at a time. If you find that even killing a few roaches does not make your house cockroach free then you can be sure that roach eggs are lying somewhere hidden from your eyes. 

Commonly Found Egg Types: 

American Cockroach Eggs- These are dark brown in color and 8mm (approx.) long. American cockroaches produce as many as 6 to 90 egg cases all through their lives. Usually, one casing can hold up to 15 embryos. If you calculate, then you will find that at least 90 babies, or at max 1,350 babies will make find shelter in your house. These eggs hatch between 24 and 38 days. 

Oriental Cockroach Eggs- These are slightly different from the American ones and appear to be dark reddish brown in color. The length of each ootheca will range between 8 and 10 mm (way larger than the American ootheca). Such egg sacks also appear inflated and contain as many as 16 eggs. The only good news is that an Oriental roach can produce eggs ranging between 1 and 18 in total lifetime. Therefore, you can find 16 babies in the least and 288 babies at max. These babies can take as many as 600 days to grow into adults. 

German Cockroach Eggs- These are brown colored and range between 6 and 9 mm in length, though they might be smaller in certain cases. It is very interesting to note that German cockroaches carry their eggs until the eggs are ready for hatching, so you can kill them all before they are even born. Sadly, these roaches can give birth to up to 50 babies at a time. The babies need 103 days to develop into an adult. So, the infestation in your house can become massive if not controlled in time. Since, the German cockroaches produce only four to six eggs all through their lives, you will find as few as 200 babies or as many as 300 babies in your house. 


How To Kill Cockroach Eggs?

Stomping- Yes! Get your high boots on and start stomping these disgusting creatures. However, most people are under the misconception that in the absence of the mothers, the cockroach eggs will die. But that is completely wrong! You need to stomp the babies in their eggs to prevent them from being born. The biggest problem is that even professionals are unable to get access to the roach eggs, which is why you finding any egg is a huge plus point. 

If you are unable to stomp out all the eggs, then here are some other good ideas that you can put to use for killing cockroach eggs: 

Use Boric Acid- This is commonly available in so many stores, and can be used to kill the adult roaches. This acid can kill a cockroach even if it is carrying babies, such as German cockroach eggs. You will simply need to cover the roach with the boric acid to kill them. In this way, even if their eggs hatch, none of them can avert the effects of boric acid, and will eventually ingest the acid and die. 

Pesticide Use- Take the help of commercial roach killers and spray the roach eggs using these pesticides. Even if the roach egg is not going to hatch anytime soon, the baby will die in the embryo. 

Using Bait- You can also consider using commercial baits to kill cockroach eggs. Place the bait in those areas where you find the eggs. The purpose is to make the babies take the commercial bait so that they die as soon as they hatch. 

There are some who also use vacuum for sucking up the eggs and killing the roaches. However, there is one problem with this method- the babies can hatch within the vacuum. Using this method can lead to the growth of cockroach population in your house in future. Also, it is not worth considering burning up the eggs, as you will only end up causing disastrous results to your own house. Cockroach Eggs

Insect Growth Regulators:

These are primarily third-party products you can easily find online. Normally, an insect growth regulator is a liquid you need to place on the roach eggs to kill them. Moreover, German cockroaches abandon their eggs if they come in contact with this liquid. This concentrate also has the ability to attach itself to the various food sources of these roaches. There are many who use fogging agent to get better results. However, you must remember that even animals are adversely affected when they come in contact with such regulators. So, if you have any pet at home, then keep it away from the reach of these insect growth regulators. 

Hiding Places:

Here are some common hiding places for cockroach eggs-










You will need to thoroughly investigate the route of the roaches in order to find and kill them with their eggs. 

Precautions To Keep Your Home Cockroach-Free: 

Clean your floors, basements, kitchen counters, cupboards, furniture (under and behind).

Fill up all holes and cracks.

Dispose off your garbage regularly. Do not stack the garbage outside home as it will still attract cockroaches.

Fix your leaking pipes or sinks. Remember, leaks allow moisture to accumulate, which, in turn serves as home for cockroaches. 

Final Words: 

So, now you know how to kill cockroach eggs once and for all. However, if you still find some roaches in your house, then it is best to call in professional and experienced exterminators.


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Cockroach Eggs
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