German Cockroaches

How To Control Cockroach Infestation written by shepherd2 There is no doubt that of all the household pests, cockroaches in general and German Cockroaches in particular are perhaps the most disgusting and irritating pests. It can also be one of the most dangerous as far as health of the entire family is concerned. It is therefore important to find out ways and means by which it could be controlled.

The problem with these pests is that they multiply rapidly. They start infesting the home by the dozens and then things certainly go out of control. It is therefore important to find out some time-tested and foolproof ways by which their growth and proliferation can be controlled. There is no denying the fact that they can cause a number of illnesses and therefore there is no other way but to find out ways by which they can be kept at bay. German Cockroaches

Which Are The Most Widespread Types Of German Cockroaches


There is no denying the fact that German cockroaches are the most widespread as far countries like the USA are concerned. They are known for their ability to survive in the toughest of environments. They reproduce at amazing speed and therefore controlling their spread is indeed a tough job. One more reason why they need to be killed and exterminated is because of their love for the food which we eat as human beings. Hence, if we are careless, we might see our kitchen infested with these ugly little pests and it would be a tough job getting them out of our homes. They are without any doubt disgusting, repelling and dirty and German cockroaches are considered as one of the worst of all cockroach families that we come across. 


German Cockroaches


The best way to keep these German roaches is to prevent their entering the home. However, in spite of our best efforts, these stubborn and dirty pests always find a way inside our homes. Hence the first and foremost job is to try and identify the many sources by which they could enter our homes. The most common route to kitchens and toilets is through the sewerage system and the drainage pipes. Hence if you are keen on keeping this nasty German roach at bay you must be sure that your bathrooms, toilets, and kitchen are kept clean and the right insecticides are used as a preventive measure on a regular basis. 


Keep The Kitchen Free Of Leftover Food Particles


As mentioned above you must be aware that food is the main reason why cockroach families flock to the kitchen and other places. It is therefore extremely important to ensure that the kitchen is kept completely free of leftover food particles and the sink is dry and clean at all points of time. Even a few crumbs of food leftovers are enough for them to come and reproduce a battalion which would be tough to exterminate. Hence there is no doubt that prevention is always a better option than getting into the act of exterminating the infestation of German cockroaches. 


Starve German Cockroaches To Death


Once you are able to keep food source away from their reach, you can be reasonably sure that these German roaches over a period of time will move away looking for other sources of food. Therefore this could be considered one of the best ways by which this problem can be overcome permanently and naturally. You must make it a point to consume food only in one room and ensure that it is totally cleaned and not a crumb is leftover. This will help narrow down your focus area to just one room or a certain area of the home and keep German cockroaches out of your entire home. 

German Cockroaches

Get Rid Of All Hiding Sources Of German Cockroaches


Pipes, drainage and sewers should be kept as dry and clean as you possibly can. The next important thing is to ensure that all cracks and crevices in the home and outside are identified and sealed. Any German roach would like to use the cracks, holes and devices as their home and would get into a multiplication spree inside them. They would like to use them as places for laying eggs. This should be taken care of and remedied as early as possible. This will help a lot in ensuring that the growth of cockroach population is controlled.


Look For Safe Ways To Kill The Dirty German Cockroaches


You must look for natural ways to kill these disease causing German cockroaches. While allowing them to die a natural death or making them move away from your homes are good objectives, this process will not happen in a few days. It could take a number of months by which time the problem might become unmanageable. 


A better idea would be to make use of baking powder and sugar as a combination. You could try and place them in areas where you know the nasty cockroach and its team takes refuge or multiplies. Baking soda is a naturally occurring toxic substance and when the cockroaches consume it along with sugar they will surely die of poisoning. It is useful when you have scores of cockroaches moving around in your home. 


Use Carefully Chosen Anti-Cockroach Pesticides 


If the infestation is quite heavy, it would be better to use some carefully chosen anti German cockroaches pesticides. They are highly toxic and are capable of killing dozens of them within a few minutes. The best thing is that the fumes emanating from these toxic pesticides would bring the roaches out from their hideouts. Hence when it comes to fighting acute German roach infestation it certainly could be a great idea. 


However, you need to be careful about the food, water and other things which you would be using. You must be sure that they do not get contaminated. If you have pets and children then you must exercise further care and caution. The necessary preventive steps must be taken. Otherwise your job of complete prevention of German roach infestation could come with many unwanted side effects and dangers.




At the end of the day there is hardly any doubt that you must consider even a single cockroach as a big threat and ensure that the root of the problem is identified. You should avoid procrastinating and should not allow things to drift. This is because it certainly would lead to a number of problems and the problem of infestation with German cockroaches might reach unmanageable proportions. 


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German Cockroaches
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