get rid of fleas on cat

get rid of fleas on cat

get rid of fleas on the cat, cat fleas are the most common external parasite that can annoy your cat. They are pesky and jumping scourges that give your cat a hard time and make them scratch insanely and it is even worse if your cat is allergic to those fleas since, at this point, it could cause your cat dermatitis ( scabby and weeping skin sores). Bartonellosis and tapeworm infections in your cat could possibly be related to fleas. Don’t get frustrated because we are going to offer you ways and solutions to solve this problem and prevent it from happening and offer your cat a relief from these annoying biting parasites.get rid of fleas on cat

Fleas in cats Nature:

The first thing to know about fleas that they loving living in your cat’s fur and one easy way to detect them is by grooming your cat with a thin-toothed comb ( flea comb) and you could spot these fleas within your cat’s fur. You should be looking for traces of fleas such as flea dirt that has a chocolate brownish color and looks like specks of black pepper and you could find fleas as well while combing your cat. You will be surprised and shocked to know that the fleas’ dirt is tragically your cat’s defecated blood that the fleas left behind, you can even be positive when squeezing this dirt between damp white tissues to see a reddish brownish residue of blood.

The second important thing to know about fleas that they are very fast moving parasite and that is the reason why they are hard to spot and adds to their difficulty in treatment. One important thing to keep in mind is that your cat can get cat fleas, human fleas or even dog fleas, the point here is that your cat’s fur is the perfect environment fleas are looking for to lay their eggs.
Fleas are found in your floor coverings and are most likely to breed in the ground and sometimes the floor coverings are infested with fleas and their eggs and it will most unfortunate if they are infested where your cat is sleeping. Always bear in mind the lifespan of fleas, which is 2 years so it is very important to put vigilance controlling into consideration.


Prevent Cat Fleas:

For all cat owners out there, treating your cat from fleas is very important. If you have a white cat, you can spot sometimes the fleas within its fur, but if you have, a dark colored cat, it is going to be hard to recognize the fleas in its fur.

Your cat will look like it is normally grooming itself, as usual, but you will not notice that your cat is actually irritated from the fleas and you won’t notice them easily only when your cat’s hair starts to become thin or start seeing bumps raising on your cat’s skin. Only when you see any of these two on your cat, you will realize that your cat is having skin problems.


get rid of fleas on cat

get rid of fleas on cat

As independent as your cat may seem, it is your duty as their mother or father to treat them if they got flea bites, even your cat refuses the treatment, your cat will thank you later on, believe me; I’m talking based on my personal experience with my Lily ( my cat ).

When she got sick with fleas, I did not notice at first, because she is a Mau cat, so by nature, they are dark in color, I noticed when she started to over groom herself and then I noticed bumps and redness. Therefore, I tried these natural treatments and it worked just fine for my Lily.

Here Are 3 Very Effective Ways To Treat Cat Fleas Bites & Get Rid Of Them:

  1. Soapy water flea trap:

Fleas, to be honest, they aren’t the brightest thing in your cat’s world, which means good news for you because fleas are attracted to light, and find its luminous brightness hard to resist, so you need to take advantage of this. All you need to do to attract fleas to light and kill them at the same time is to place a good shallow dish with foamy water with soap with a night light above it so when the fleas hop towards the bright light, they will jump into the foamy water and drown.

Also, you can advantage that fleas love warm temperature, so try using warm water to attract fleas even more to the water.


  1. Flea Comb:

This comb is very similar to that of flea combs for dogs; there is no big difference between the two combs. Although your cat will find, somehow, the scent of citrus or lime unappealing and will not like it at all, you can prepare it in a way that will not affect or irritate your cat’s sensitive nose lessening the intensity of it and I will tell you how.

You are not going to use lemon juice in its pure form, the reason why I recommend adding lemon in the first place is because fleas hate lemons and this is a powerful method to get rid of fleas quickly, so combine diluted lemon juice to your cat’s flea comb and comb through its fur for effective results.


  1. Apple Cider Vinegar Bath or Spray:

I actually love the smell of apple cider vinegar but the good news here fleas hate it so much that it is considered a powerful technique to get rid of fleas quickly and effectively. There are two ways to apply apple cider manager onto your cat, you can either make a spray of diluted vinegar and spray on your cat or apply it on your cat during a shower.


These are my 3 recommended ways to get rid of cat fleas and treat cat flea bites in a natural yet very effective way based on my personal experience with my Lily and it doesn’t get any easier than this for you, it is not expensive nor difficult to do. Enjoy a healthy, flea-free life with your cats.

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get rid of fleas on cat
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