how to get rid of bed bugs

how to get rid of bed bugs

pest control is a very big problem we may face:

how to get rid of bed bugs, the pest is one of the hardest tasks we face in our life. It spread widely in the summer, this time of every year is considered the appropriate to these insects to practice its life but this is reflected on us a lot of risks, and it sounds impossible to get rid of bed bugs with the Traditional insecticide. This is because every insect has weaknesses that can be eliminated through it. This is what scientific research has proven during the recent period.

and right now we are talking about one of the most widespread insects in the world. It is the bed bugs, it is one of the hardest insects that can be disposed of. because it’s size is very small and moving fast and it can not be easily observed only by some skin symptoms, which are similar to bite mosquitoes.
But now we will be looking at some details about bed bug and its way of life, how it affects us and also its to get rid of bed bugs

What is a bed bugs insect?

it is very small insect whose color is dark brown tends to absorb blood at night, which causes the feeling of itching and skin allergies, the female puts about 200 egg during her lifetime, this insect looking for faraway places to lay eggs, this egg hatching to create the nymphs and gradually become an integrated insect (bed bug).

life behavior of bed bugs:

These insects are very active at night and seek to find blood to absorb and feed on it. During the daytime, they are hidden somewhere near the source of food. These insects spread in household furniture, mattresses, and fabrics and affect those things. Can be damaged.
a bed bug is self-developed and resistant to traditional pesticides, making them acquire new qualities from generation to another so they can not be easily eliminated, so modern scientific methods should be followed in the process of controlling bed bugs in order to ensure its success(get rid of bed bugs) and complete elimination of bugs. The whole place must be completely cleaned up after this process until the pesticides and chemicals used are eliminated.


Some information about bed bugs and its damage:

Bed bugs have spread in many countries around the world and at the head of these countries were Britain, Europe, Australia, Asia, large parts of America and some Arab countries and this undoubtedly reflected on the citizens a lot of psychological, physical and health damage.
In the fifth decade of the last century has been eliminated from insect bed bugs after spreading in many countries and that through the pesticide (DTT), but that insect appeared again in the last because it has been prevented the use of this substance (DDT), because of its damage to health and the environment; so bed bug came again.

There are many reasons for spreading the bed bugs:

  • the bed bugs spread in places where hygiene is absent, which is always closed and dark.
  • The sun does not reach the mattresses and furnishings, making it susceptible to insects such as bed bugs that are attracted to these places.
  • Places that are spread out more moisture from the places that bed bug looking for to live in and to lay eggs where the atmosphere is suitable to remain vital.
  • Pets at home are also common causes of bed bugs such as cats and dogs,  bed bugs might be found in their bodies, it flys and related to home furnishings, curtains, and other home items.
  • They are also transported home by travelers staying in hotels where bed bugs are located.
  • there are many reasons also for spreading bed bug we will tell you about it later and how to git rid of bed to get rid of bed bugs

how to get rid of bed bugs

It will be done by avoiding the reasons for spreading bed bug >>

  • Attention to personal hygiene and sanitation as it is one of the strongest reasons that can make the bed bug spreading. so if we do it; there will be no insects to spread.
  • Close all cracks and gaps in the walls because they are places that can be inhabited by bed bugs.
  • Examine the home furniture with magnifying lenses because the insect is too small to detect with the naked eye.
  • Ventilating the house by opening the windows so that the sun and the air reach the house items.
  • It is necessary to use steam appliances such as vacuum cleaners to clean carpet and eliminate small insects hanging by.
  • Washing the furnishings and carpets with strong detergents and sterilizers that eliminate the insects and germs and exposure them to the sun to be clean and safe.
  • Rinse floors with sterilizers such as chlorine and other concentrated detergents that completely eliminate the naked insects.
  • Use some reliable pesticides continuously and spray them in places where insects may be present.
  • Pay attention to pets in the house and check them always and make sure that there are no insects in their bodies.


Effect of bed bugs on humans:

The harm of this insect is confined to its bite to humans. As we mentioned that it absorbs human blood to feed on it and If the person being bitten suffers from skin allergies, the situation will be worse and he can not sleep properly.
Also, if the bite is exposed to the bacterium, it causes severe infections, and the person may have hemoglobin deficiency.

There are some preventive ways to get rid of bed bugs during sleep:

  • Use of some perfumes or sterilizers such as chlorine near the bed keeps the bed bugs away.
  • It is also possible to use some basil leaves and put them on the bed or near the place of sleeping, it will also keep the bed bugs away.
  • Or washing the covers and furnishings with chlorine and hot water will completely eliminate the bed bugs

and right now we have talked about bed bug insect, its damage on humans and how to get rid of bed bugs by several easy methods you may do it at home to keep all insects away and also to keep the home safe.

source for some information I had quoted here

how to get rid of bed bugs
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