how do you get rid of bed bugs

how do you get rid of bed bugs

Why do we get bed bugs? How do people get bed bugs? how do you get rid of bed bugs? If you have bed bugs, all these questions might have come to your mind. If you will be able to find out the true cause, it will be much easier for you to prevent their spreading and to get rid of them. As the name itself suggests, bed bugs hide in the beds and they survive on the human blood. These are small and tiny creatures and can easily hide. Their survival instinct is also great. Therefore, it is important to know how do you get bed bugs to take the preventive measures.

Normally people believe that bed bugs are caused by dirt. But there is no data to support this conception. These bugs can live in any environment if they have the access to food. Moreover, they can move easily. As these are blood-eating insects, they need blood to survive. They hide near the food sources and wait for the right opportunity to bite the target, humans. They hide in a mattress, bedding, furniture, baseboards, carpets, and bedroom clutter. Once they have secured their place in your home, it will be difficult to get rid of them without professional help. They can survive both in the commercial and residential building. You can find them in your home, office, retail stores, hotels, and even in the do you get rid of bed bugs

In addition, you cannot realize the presence of bed bugs without the bites. These are small insects and do not come out in light. Moreover, they have transparent skin and that help them in hiding. And they choose the right place like clutter for the hiding. If you want to protect your home from the bed bugs, then first you will have to understand how do you get bed bugs. Once you will able to know how do people get bed bugs, you can take some effective measures to prevent their appearance. Remember that bed bugs can even survive in the cleanest environment for a long time.

how do you get rid of bed bugs

You might be thinking how do you get bed bugs. You can get the bed bugs from anywhere. It can come from your neighbor’s home, from the hotels, from the hospitals, and during the traveling. Clothing and bedding are the best mediums of the transportation of the bed bugs. Causes might be different. You just need to know how do you get bed bugs and how to control the prevalence.


Do you want to know how do you get bed bugs? If yes, then you can search your neighborhood. If it is an old building, then the possibility will be more. These insects can crawl through the damaged cracks wall and come out in the search of food. They can also come through the ventilation shafts. Besides, bed bugs can survive for a long time without food. They are also able to travel easily for their small size. They can hide in the small holes and cracks and travel in their convenient time.



You might be surprised to know that they can come to your home from the hotels. Yes, you have heard right. If you spend a night at a hotel and the hotel has the bed bugs, then they can hide in your clothes and can come to your home. As they are able to survive in the clean environment, you can expect their presence anywhere that might be a hotel room, resort, and motel. The same is applicable to your guests. If you have guests overnight and they have the bed bugs in their clothes, then they can hide in your home without any body’s notice.


Furniture is one of the common causes of bed bug appearance. You might think that why do we get bed bugs in the furniture? The reason is simple. Furniture is the best place to hide. While buying both the old and new furniture, you might expect some tiny insects with that furniture. They can easily hide in the cracks and the surface. Therefore, it is important to check the furniture carefully to avoid such possibility.

how do you get rid of bed bugsTraveling

Do you want to know how to get bed bugs from the traveling? During traveling, especially during long traveling, you spend your nights and sleep on the transport vehicle. If the vehicle has bed bugs, then there is a possibility that they can come and hide in your clothes and luggage. They can also come from the co-passengers and can hide in your clothes.


Bed bugs normally hide in the dark places. They can hide anywhere that might be clothes, bed sheets, mattress, furniture, and even the appliances. While buying the new appliance, check it properly to find out any presence of the bed bugs. If there is any, then do not buy that appliance.


Friend’s house

Bed bugs can also come to your home from your friend’s house. Even if you spend a little time with your friend’s home, you can bring bed bugs through your clothes if you use any old furniture. The possibility is more for the younger kids as they spend time together and do many things together. Therefore, you need to check all the things properly while bringing back to your home.

Public transportation

You might think that how do people get bed bugs while using the public transportation. Public transportation is the best place for the survival of the bed bugs. They can easily hide there and can get their foods frequently. As these transportations are used by common people regularly, these bed bugs can hide in the clothes and can move from one place to another.


Your workplace is not an exception. You can also get the bed bugs from the workplace. If you are able to recognize the bed bugs, then you can check the chair and the tables to avoid such possibility. You can also get the bed bugs from the food area.

Bed bugs are the hitchhiking bugs. They can hide anywhere and can hitch a ride anytime. You can get them from anywhere that might be your transportation, office, school, medical, home, and any of the unexpected places.

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how do you get rid of bed bugs
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