How to get rid of bed bugs

How to get rid of bed bugs that do not see the naked eye and protect yourself from

How to get rid of bed bugs? At first these bed bugs cause itchy skin as it is the enlarged version of head lice. I could not imagine that I had such an injury when I became an adult. These insects harm the bedroom a lot. When I woke up at three in the morning I found impurities stuck in the sides and usually my skin is not sensitive so I broke it with my fingers and when I woke up to wash my fingers I found as if I hurt my fingers and there were traces of blood present on him. I didn’t realize that this was the beginning of a nightmare. Follow the steps below to answer the question of how to get rid of bed bugs

How to get rid of bed bugs

Extermination: Identify the appropriate insecticide for bed bugs called bugs. Know the immediate treatment plan and follow the correct instructions. The method of extermination may change by changing the size and weight of bed bugs. Spray the insects in bed and spread the spray on the plates and follow the spray for two to six weeks, follow-up is very important to kill any eggs trying to hatch.

Extermination companies are advised to use some counters, such as a rubber tent and a heat processor, as shown in the picture above. But heat treatment is one of the most expensive ways to exterminate insects.

Washing: Wash every piece of cloth in your home, this task is more difficult, but in general, the concentration of bedbugs in the bed and from here came the name of bedding insects. These insects come at night to feed on human blood. Despite the early diagnosis of this condition, you need to clean upholstery furniture and kitchen towels in order to be safe.

Washing instructions: There are many conflicting opinions about the temperature you need when washing. The pesticide does not swim bugs so it will sink at any temperature. High temperature is essential to kill eggs that hatch every two weeks and then place the fabrics in the hot dryer for 15 minutes.

Regulation: Washing only is not enough You must separate what was washed and not washed thoroughly. You can sort this on the dining table with plastic boxes and when you take each item out of the dryer, put it in the drying bags.

Sweeping: After killing the bed bugs you will find that they become like dry lentils. Sweeping here is the final way to completely get rid of its effects and dump it in the trash.

Sunlight: The ideal and quick solution to
get rid of bed bugs and bedbugs is to put the mattress and scammer and all the bedding requirements in the sun at least twice or once a week, the sunlight will eliminate such insects as well as fungi and everything we do not see with the naked eye and It is enough for half an hour to display things in the sun to get rid of those insects easily.

Ventilation: Some of us forget the bed ventilation! Especially in the winter and this to keep the DVI, but this is a very bad habit it is very important to ventilate the bed daily after waking up any open windows of the room and turn the cover and the mattress to be properly ventilated for each part in the bed and renewed air in the whole room.

Shake the bed and bedding: Shaking the bed and bedding would help in the specialization of bed bugs and bedbugs easily, so it is always recommended and daily after the use of bedding is to shake well and turn the cover and bedding.

How to get rid of bed bugs
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