How To Kill Cockroaches

How To Kill Cockroaches

There are some pests which have been with human beings for thousands of years. Cockroaches are considered to be one of the most horrible insects which are detested and hated by human beings. However, they are also very stubborn and it is extremely difficult to get rid of them. They are highly detrimental to the overall health and well being of human beings. They could carry many bacteria and viruses which could cause different types of diseases. They are known to contaminate items of our daily use. In fact there have been many instances where roaches are known to contaminate detergents, body shampoos, toothpaste and other such things of daily use. Hence it is quite common to try and find out ways and means by which we can answer the question how to kill cockroaches. 

How To Kill Cockroaches

Get The Property Fully Examined And Treated For Cockroaches


The best way is to spend some money and time and ensure that the entire property is fully examined and then treated for pests. It could call for applying of local gel or spraying the entire property with some chemicals. However this would call for proper treatment and preparation. It would call for cleaning the entire property thoroughly. Each and every square inch should be cleaned. Any potential food sources of these roaches must be looked at and removed without missing it. It also is important to clean those areas where you do not see any evidence of food lying around or cockroaches moving around. Once this has been done we can now get down to the actual task of finding answer to the question how to kill cockroaches.


Look For Cracks, Fill And Seal Them


Cracks and crevices without any doubt are one of the most favorite hideouts for cockroaches. Hence it is important to find out ways and means by which you can identify and seal all such cracks and crevices, if you are looking for an effective answer to the question “How to kill cockroaches”. You must use the right technology to make this possible. You could either go in for a cement applicator or a silicon applicator to do the job. If you can spot tiny brown spots around these cracks and crevices you can be sure to find dozens of cockroaches in these places. These brown dots are basically cockroach dropping and they are also extremely hazardous and could be the cause for many diseases and illnesses. Once you seal them effectively and thoroughly you can be sure that you will be depriving them of their permanent shelter. 


Keep Your Home And Surroundings Free From Food For Cockroaches


You must make sure that you do not invite these nasty pests ever again to your home. This is very important because if you leave food behind you will be inviting them to set up their home again. It will not be long before the cockroaches will start infesting your home by the dozens. Once this happens it will be again back to square one and you will have to go out and find new answers to the question how to kill cockroaches. There could be situations where your neighbors could be using pest control chemicals. Once they do so, quite a few of the roaches may find their way into your home.

While you may not be able to prevent migration fully, you must be sure that they do not have any food or water which could help them to stay alive. cockroaches are voracious eaters and therefore they cannot live without food and water for long. Hence depriving them of food and water is one of the effective methods of keeping them at bay.


Keep Your Kitchen, Toilet And Bathroom Clean


Cluttering things and keeping your kitchen dirty, moist and unclean is perhaps the worst thing you can do it you wish to keep cockroaches at bay. These insects love such environment. Hence the onus lies on you to ensure that your kitchen is always dry. The same is the case with your toilet and bathroom. It should be clean and must be regularly sanitized and disinfected with chemicals and cleaning agents. The plumbing work should be perfect and there should not be any leaks, cracks or crevices where roaches can hide and take shelter. The faucets should also be cleaned properly and should be dry at all points of time.

How To Kill Cockroaches

You Could Use Some Electronic Devices


You also could look to use some electronic devices which are known to repeal cockroaches. They produce ultrasonic waves. These sounds cannot be heard by human beings and other pets. However, they are quite annoying to roaches and having a few such devices in your home is certainly a great idea.


You Could Coordinate With Neighbors


Another great way to get the right answer to the question as to how to kill cockroaches is to establish the right kind of coordination with the neighbors. It would be a great idea if the neighbors plan a common day in which they could try and get into the job of exterminating these nasty roaches. This will work exceedingly well because you will not be giving these pests any escape route by moving to the neighbors home, garden or backyard. It is just about some well thought out planning and should not be a difficult thing to do. However, this could certainly bring in excellent results and could help to totally remove cockroaches from the entire neighborhood if it is done in the right earnest. 


The Importance Of Proactive Maintenance


Instead of being reactive and finding out ways to remove cockroaches a better approach would be to be proactive. Keeping the home and surrounding clean is a great way by which roaches could be kept out of your home. Regular use of chemicals and other natural traps are also proven and time-tested methods of getting rid of these pests. However, while doing all these there are a few important points that must be kept in mind. The safety of the inmates of the home in general and pets and children in particular should always be kept in mind. The onus lies on you to take the required steps to ensure that safety is not compromised under any circumstances. 

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How To Kill Cockroaches
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