How to kill fleas

Do you have the flea problem in your home? Do you find fleas everywhere on the carpet, bed, and floors? Do you want to know How to kill fleas and what kills fleas? Different types of methods are available to kill the fleas. You can use any of them to get rid of fleas. But if you do not take the preventive measures, you might notice reappearance within a couple of weeks. Therefore, it is essential to take precautions to prevent the recurrence.

To know how to kill a flea, you can go through the following article. In this article, you will come to know how to kill fleas and prevent their reappearance. All these methods are effective. You can try more than one method at a time to get a lasting solution. How to kill fleas

How to kill fleas 

Vet recommendation

Before planning to kill the fleas, first, you will have to find out the source. If the source is your pet, then you need to visit your vet to kill the fleas and their eggs. You cannot do it on your own. Even if you will be able to kill the fleas, you cannot kill the eggs. And after a period of time, the eggs will develop into adult fleas and the cycle will continue. Therefore, it is essential to kill both the fleas and eggs to destroy the source. It can be possible with the help of the vet only. The vet will provide the required treatment depending on the condition of your pet. 

Vacuum cleaning 

If you do not use your vacuum cleaner more often, then there is a possibility that fleas will spread on the carpets, bed, clothes, and even on you. Regular vacuum is required to reduce the number. If you sweep and mop your home on a daily basis, it will kill the fleas and their eggs. A vacuum cleaner can catch the fleas from the carpets, bed, and under the furniture. While using a vacuum cleaner, make sure that you are covering all the targeted areas, especially the areas that come into the contact of the pet. Once the vacuum is done, you need to detach the cleaning bag carefully and then discard it in a safe place. You can throw it in the dustbin or in similar places to prevent any possibility of re-infestation. 


Hot cleaning 

A vacuum cleaner can clean the floors, tiles, and carpets, but you need to keep the entire environment clean. You need to wash your clothes, bedding, pet’s bedding, and pet’s other stuff in hot water. It is not enough to clean these things in the hot water only. You need to soak these things in the hot soapy water for fifteen minutes and then clean those stuff. By doing so, you will not only kill the fleas, you will also kill the eggs. You need to kill the eggs to prevent the reappearance. More importantly, for the eggs, you might need to do more effort. They can fall anywhere and can develop into fleas even after a year. 

Hot bath

If the house and the other stuff are cleaned properly, you should not allow your pet to enter inside if your pet has the fleas on his body. You will have to bathe your pet with lukewarm water and soap. Use a soap that is specifically designed to kill the fleas. Repeat the process every day to keep the fleas away. You can also use essential oils to prevent the fleas. While choosing an essential oil, make sure that your pet is not allergic to the ingredients.


Do you want to know how to kill fleas naturally? If yes, you can consider flea comb. A flea comb can also help to get rid of fleas. You just need to buy a flea comb that is specifically designed to control the fleas. Comb your pet once daily if the number is more. You need to do the combing outside and keep a cup of soapy water to dip the comb once you are done. It will kill the fleas. How to kill fleas

How to kill fleas forever

All these methods will offer an effective result. But the process will be a little time-consuming. You need to repeat the treatments for a couple of times to get a permanent solution. If you are looking for an immediate result, you can consider the followings.

Flea tablets 

Different types of flea tablets are available in the current market to kill the fleas. You just need to feed those tablets to your pet. Any flea that will bite your pet will fall down within a couple of minutes. This is very effective and you will get an immediate result. But these tablets will work for a day only. You need to take your vet suggestion to use it for a couple of times. 


Flea sprays

Like the tablets, flea spray is also available to kill the fleas. You can use these sprays on the carpets, clothes, pets, and any other suspected areas to kill the fleas and their eggs. You can use both the tablets and spray to get rid of fleas completely. 


Fogging will reach all the difficult areas to kill the fleas. While applying this method, you need to cover your dishes, utensils, and close all the doors and windows. You will have to leave your home with your pet for a couple of hours. Once it is done, you can come back and open the closed doors and windows. 


If you find it hard to do it on your own, you can take the help of the professionals. They might charge you a decent amount. But this is worth spending. They will not only kill the fleas, they will also kill the eggs and will suggest you some precautions to prevent reappearance. 

Preventive measures

• Vacuum your home once daily.

• Wash your pet’s bedding and other stuff in hot water.

• Comb your pet four to five times in a week.

• Do not allow your pet to move in your bedroom and basement. 

You can follow these simple steps to kill the fleas and their eggs. Preventive measures will reduce the possibility of reoccurrence.


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How to kill fleas
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